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Big Dog Genesis

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Message us or call 937 869 6818 for information on ordering a genesis..



The Genesis has a superb walking light! The walking light and colors have a hi and low for each one. The main spot has 4 levels of brightness.

At a glance the new GENESIS looks like every other Big Dog Light. At a closer look you can see great quality and attention to detail. Due to some great engineering, the GENESIS is the lightest and brightest light on the market. Weighing in at a meer 17.6 ounces. It is not only .5 ounces lighter than our previous model. It is also ounces lighter than our competitors. No corners were cut by trying to reach this feather lite weight..

Brightness isn't sacrificed for the lightweight either! The GENESIS has a great spot, and is a good bit brighter than our previous model! When compared to the competition it is brighter than most or just as bright as those ounces heavier! The walk light is wider and brighter than what we have ever put on a light. The colors are brighter and better flooded also!

There is four settings for the main spot. The burn time on the main spot is 2.5-3 hours wide open, and a week on the lowest setting! The Walk Light and colors have a High and Low setting. With the Walk Light burning 18 hours on high, and the colors on high being 38 hours.